Saturday, 28 April 2012


New style Beach bag ... made by request
This bag is made from shade cloth, in yellow and orange with pink and blue polka dots in cotton trim.
It has one external pocket, one detachable inside pocket with a zip and one large open pocket.
It is 50cm x 50 cm and has a blue polka dot tie and a magnetic snap to close.

I also have blue and white stripe shade cloth, and a blue on blue stripe one.
Please leave a message, just like Rach did, and I can make one up for you.
Price AU$42

Now this was date night

We had a lovely night on the Brisbane river, had dinner and drink while floating away.

AWW .. Date day

Pete and I strolling, well me sitting , at the Botanical Gardens, Brisbane  Friday afternoon.

Saturday, 21 April 2012


Surprise inside!!.  This small Noni Clutch in subtle black and greys on the outside features black and red chinese characters inside. The short strap can be hidden inside. This bag has an internal pocket.
Dimensions 28cm wide , 15 cm high
Price $25


The gorgeous fabric is perfect for the full size Noni Clutch. This clutch has a small attached strap that can be hidden inside, snap closure and an internal pocket.
Dimensions: 32cm wide, 19 cm high.
Price $ 32


This beautiful Autumn tone Soft Strap Carryall bag features an internal pocket and a  cute button closure and has a squared off bottom.
Dimensions: 40cm wide, 30 cm deep, strap is 50cm long.
Price: $30

9 Bags to Evelyn Lily TODAY!!!

On the way 

My very first group of bags have gone to Evelyn Lily today.  This amazing store can be found at  Ballinger Rd Buderim.  This store carries quality handmade treasures in a beautiful setting.  Please visit and of course see my bags!!!.

At EvelynLily's



  "Retro Bag"

These bags both feature very sturdy bamboo handles and internal pockets. 
Dimensions: 40cm wide, 32cm high
Price $30
Please contact me for delivery options.

A very Retro Pair 

Green with a bow 

Blue with a button



Leather and Rope 
Wood and Bamboo
Acrylic, red, green or black


Cute Pinks
Cool Greens
Autumn Tones

Sunny Yellows

A Selection of Fabrics and Colours, Sunny Yellows, Cool Greens, Autumn Tones, Cute Pinks


Hot Reds

All blues
Cool blacks

A selection of Fabric and Colours - Reds , Blacks, Blues

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Choosing fabric, colour and handles

I often get asked if I would make a certain kind of bag in a special colour, or with a particular kind of handle,my answer is always yes!!!. I will shortly post some photos of fabrics and handles... Keep watching this space!!

Saturday, 14 April 2012

"Noni Envelope Clutch"

First look at my new design, the "Noni Envelope Clutch"
"Noni Envelope Clutch" 
"Noni Envelope Clutch"
This clutch features a zippered inside pocket and an open pocket for your phone. Trimmed in black satin ribbon 

This clutch can be made to order in your choice of fabric and colours

Fabric: Ikea fabric white with a black and green print
Dimensions: 32 cm across and 16cm high
Price AU$32  

This clutch features a detachable long strap, and has an inside pocket

Fabric: Navy blue postage theme print, white on white lining
Dimensions:  32 cm across and 16cm high
Price AU$32
"Noni Envelope Clutch"
"Noni Envelope Clutch"

Japanese knot bag - lime green white dots

Small Japanese Knot Bag 

Fabric; Lime green with white dots lined with green stripe print

Dimensions: 17 cm wide, Main body 11cm high, from top of long handle to bottom of bag 26cm

Price: AU $9 

Contact me for delivery options.

Japanese knot bag - blue with white clouds

Small Japanese Knot Bag 

Fabric; Blue with white clouds lined with white paisley

Dimensions: 17 cm wide, Main body 11cm high, from top of long handle to bottom of bag 26cm

Price: AU $9 

Contact me for delivery options.

Small Japanese Knot Bag

Fabric: Yellow and Black Paisley lined with Black and white small flower print

Dimensions: 17 cm wide, Main body 11cm high, from top of long handle to bottom of bag 26cm

Price: AU $9

Contact me for delivery options.

What fun I had today

What a fun I have had today ..... created some Japanese knots bags , created a face book page.... I am on fire. Description and prices to follow.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

My New Business Card

My new business card 

From Bag And A Bit ... Come on in

Paisley Yahhh!!
Loved this so much I kept one for msdelf
Here is a small selection of my bags 
Pretty flower garden
Got a thing for paisley